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For the month of April, I selected the virtue of truth as the theme for the month.

To me, the truth is what is. In a world where we can turn to our device to find information, I feel humanity is caught up in intelligence and have forgotten how to feel. Facts and knowledge are aspects of truth and, as life continuously changes, the truth is different from one moment to the next. As secure as thinking we know feels, it isn’t always the whole picture.

In my life, I’ve discovered more truth by listening and feeling after I gathered my facts. Following my heart, has led me to deep lessons that could never be experienced in a book or on the internet. It became my passion to continuously feel my way through life and encourage others to listen to their inner voice. Turn to facts to set a path, then step back to feel the truth of the adventure. It’s not always what was anticipated, and it’s simply meant to be. Open your thoughts and heart, feel Life within and connect to what’s around you. The truth never lies, and it will be what it is, no matter what you think or how you reason.