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Into a rainbow, we venture forth

Towards a land filled with hope.

With the combination of valuable colors,

We stand strong with ways to cope.


Red to ignite the courage within,

To begin the journey that leads away.

Passion to keep purpose in view

Should any fears cause a stray.


Orange to tap into creativity,

Help open doors for the unknown.

To include all resources within reach,

A reminder that we’re not alone.


Yellow, a ray of positivity

Shining warmth like a bright sun.

Hope for new life within the rays,

Certainty that life is never quite done.


Green for the growth that will come about

In nature, habitat and energy.

New beginnings are around the bend,

Come and join Life’s synergy.


Blue to uplift us when we’re almost free,

Joyful spirit to complete an endeavor.

Honest reflection on what has passed,

Sweet memories to last forever.


Purple to complete spirituality,

Summing the treasures of adventure.

Wealth to share with others,

Believing life is secure.


A rainbow of hope,

Leading with a cascade of valuable hues.

Offering new beginnings

Making you wise before you choose.