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A social species in isolation,

Social media creating panic.

Resulting turmoil of uncertainty,

Time to stay calm and consider caution.

For all, near or far, we express concern,

Stand together to eliminate fear.


Statistics, questions and a viral fear,

Where’s the sanity in isolation?

We don’t want to add to mounting concerns

Or join in unnecessary panic.

Each must apply a personal caution,

Be aware to deal with uncertainty.


Stay grounded when facing uncertainty,

Don’t be overcome by the ugly fears.

It’s every day that we deserve caution,

Time to find self when in isolation.

Don’t let others to heighten your panic,

Stay informed and keep to your own concerns.


Though they fly around, don’t pick lost concerns.

-Don’t feed the negative uncertainty-

Adding more stories helps grow the panic

There’ll always be a time to deal with fears,

Time to get grounded in isolation.

Self-employed care while practicing with caution.


Aim for enjoyment, proceed with caution,

Experience, letting go of concerns.

Be social, even in isolation,

Stay connected, waive off uncertainty.

Be courageous when facing pending fears,

Remember to breathe and lighten panic.


Stick to awareness in times of panic,

Be conscious when proceeding with caution

Don’t worry your mind with stories and fears,

Continue learning to decide concerns.

Be patient in times of uncertainty,

Don’t become weary in isolation.


Listen to concerns, but don’t choose panic,

Proceed with caution in uncertainty.

When in isolation, don’t feed your fears.


In response to COVID19, I chose to reflect with a sestina using six words I heard a lot on the news. I hope this will soon be over and, as a whole, we will learn something from it. With every turmoil, awaits a new beginning. Keep calm with caution and be grateful to be alive.