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Janice, a passionate elementary school teacher, was eager to start a new business so she could introduce more STEM and inquiry learning to the future generation. She felt she had a great idea but felt doubtful of being accepted.

After a month of starting her plan, she visited a recreation center wanting to introduce her idea and found ads for other STEM programs up on the walls. Janice went home to Greg, her husband, feeling defeated. “I thought I had a good idea! Now, I have competition! What am I going to do?”

Greg took her into his arms and softly said, “Calm yourself, Janice. You need to believe in your potentiality to recognize your ability. You haven’t started yet, don’t be threatened by competition before knowing what you can do. Believe and you will achieve.”

Inspired by “Believe in your potentiality to recognize your ability.” -Astrid’s Words