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Everyone strives to be a loving person. We’re warned to not be selfish and its meaning gets mixed up with everyday life. I understand the desire to respect and treat others as we want to be treated, but how are we to survive by always putting others first? My life taught me that it isn’t possible to help others without thinking of myself and guided me to find balance between giving and receiving.

Having been raised with a Catholic culture, I thought that if I put myself first, I’d be considered a selfish person. I concentrated on putting others first and avoided thinking of myself. Life caught up with me and I learned that by doing so, I had no energy left for myself and my health started to deplete. I wanted to give to the world, and it couldn’t be accomplished because I didn’t take care of me. I couldn’t succeed as the loving, giving person I imagined. This is how I learned that if I’m not taken care of, I don’t have the strength to care for others.

Slowly after this realization, I started putting myself first, focusing on my intention and accepting that self-care is a way of caring for others. Letting others care for me communicated that they’re needed and gave me strength to give back when I could. It’s selfish to always take and it’s selfish to always give. We all deserve balance and desire to partake in the act of love. Sometimes it’s our time to give and other times it’s our time to receive. Hold true to your intention to love and you’ll know you aren’t selfish, even if your actions are misunderstood. Remember to love you and let the energy of love flow through.