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What is love and why is it a valued energy in life?

Love is a tender, passionate affection that brings contentment and life to a spirit. It is a valued energy in life because it has the power to attract others and initiate the joys of life. With the power of love, life is appreciated, regardless the adversity offered. Love is a cherished treasure in one’s life but it will offer many challenges to acquire its true worth. Without a willingness to sacrifice, love will not be comprehended. Gratitude within our soul will strengthen our ability to love.

When a spirit carries the gift of love, it reflects a luminous light that provides hope, happiness and is contagious. Love offers an unlimited quantity of positive energy and is omnipotent when shared genuinely. The opportunities love administers will pertain to the self, the people around us, our surroundings and our circumstances.

With the spirit of love present, voluptuous communication will be found and a simultaneous respect is established. An authentic practice to stimulate love awakens eternal possibilities among all participants and sustains the peace of mind needed to persevere through the Journey of Life.

Love is not simply obtained through an outer source, love is more meaningful when recognized within ourselves. Authorize the love within you, contribute its gifts in your environment and patiently welcome the rewards it reaps.