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Life continuously evolves, offering various stages to the journey. Desires and expectations cloud our perceptions, a temptation to stray from the truth. It’s the quest to remain true that fuels the strength to keep moving forward.

Everyone wants their dreams to come true and the end vision appears as an illusion. To fill the colors of the dream, one commits to accepting uncertainty, uncover what’s real and be accountable for the decisions made. Challenges presented are to help growth. Repetitive situations are challenges to stay in the moment and review your purpose. There’s no reason why you must focus on how unfair it is when you can decide on how you want to deal with it. Learn from this change and know that Life placed you there to become stronger.

When the plans you set out crumble, search not for what to blame. Justifying the wrong grows negativity and isn’t your heart’s desire. Stop, take a step back and reflect on you. Return to your purpose and find a new way to succeed. You can only be certain of your desires and what you’re willing to do to achieve. Stay true to you, be open to growing and keep trying to become who you’re meant to be.