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What is perseverance and is it a valuable quality to attain?

Within the Journey of Life, perseverance is the ability to continue the journey despite the obstacles that emerge. A perseverant individual possesses a persistent spirit and is willing to endure the diverse experiences that life offers them.

With the mentality to proceed, an individual character is retained when deciding to persevere. Perseverance serve as a positive energy determined to reach success and a concentrated focus. With a strong conviction to proceed, a bold courage is demonstrated in all circumstances.

A perseverant spirit is encouraging in nature and consistently resilient. Working with determination, adamant actions will convey their beliefs and ambition. Perseverance is a necessary spirit to acquire for the continuance of life.

Perseverance is a valuable quality to attain because it is an individual confidence to pursue. Through the practice of perseverance, an everlasting belief in life is established. The focus to continue will never prevent or limit the ability to develop and advance. Perseverance, a confident and persistent spirit that emanates energy to motivate our person and the people that surround us.