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Happy New Year! For January 2020, I’ve chosen the virtue of perseverance as the theme for the month.

Perseverance is a virtue that I hold dear. To me, perseverance is the ability to accept and utilize what Life provides. It is the mentality to learn and the spirit to explore all opportunities. In the adventure of my life, practice with perseverance keeps me rooted to my beliefs and is the source of determination in all circumstances. When I’m uncertain, the desire to persevere helps me to refocus on my values and appreciate what’s being offered.

At the start of a new year, I enjoy choosing new challenges to chase and opening the desires of my heart. The resolutions I make finds a direction and I know that all will be uncertain. I may not complete all I desire in this year and I am certain that my desire to persevere will keep me open to the opportunities that arise and prepare me for the evolution of the upcoming year.

To all my readers: Tap into your inner desire, select your dreams and prepare for the roller coaster ride to discover the you of today. Persevere with determination and be confident in the gifts you contribute!


Explore It All and Dare to Grow

A new year began

And it’s time to lay out a new plan

What are the possibilities?

What are my capabilities?


What are in my dreams?

Can I achieve or are they extreme?

It’s time to try and discover

On a new future, I hover


With everyone

Go, discover and have some new fun

Explore it all and dare to grow

Be the spirit you want to show