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What does it mean to be joyous and why do I believe it’s a desirable disposition for life?

I believe that being joyous is to have the ability to enjoy the positive energy of life and remain content. A joyous state of mind is a desirable disposition for me because I prefer to experience life anticipating the best and appreciating what is.

When I am joyous, I feel a jubilant energy runs through me and fuels me with motivation to discover. I can omit negativity and focus on what I want to do because I want to maintain my happiness. When my determination makes me joyous, I strive to be oblivious to my hardship so I can recognize life’s rewards.

At times when life’s difficult, I hold on to joyous memories to remind myself of what I want to be and to boost my spirit. When I accept my joyous disposition, I authorize a serene essence for myself and it brings me back to the person I love. I prefer to remain myself by believing joy exists and striving towards the gifts that happiness provides.