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Wild shadows jump into your face,

Haunting security as you search for control.

Life adopts a slower pace,

Holding onto threads as you measure the polls;

A mask is chosen to demonstrate a brave face.


White ghosts appear to give you scares,

You question the importance of making a change;

Life wants you to grow with dares.

New passages open and appear quite strange,

The journey will guide you to organize affairs.


In darkness, under the moonlight,

Wanted resources reduce, are scarce and confined.

Life doesn’t assure all’s right;

You have to determine how your life’s defined

And survive the challenge to make it through the night.


In moments of fear, when you no longer feel safe, many shadows appear as you fight for control. You wear a mask to brave the darkness and more scares appear to encourage change. Life dares you to grow with experience and think in the now to move on.

Life feels dark with a sliver of hope and you wonder of scarcity as you trudge on. These are the times to determine your life, choose a present direction and survive the challenge to see the light of day.