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Believe life is complete with faith in an inner belief.

Many times loved ones tell you they believe,

But your search clouds your belief.

Until it’s your time to arrive, it’s hard to believe.


You believed in my teachings,

Yet, experience lead you to your own belief.

You had to search for belief within

Before my words could be believed.


Over the years, you picked up alternate beliefs,

Adventures to lead you to what you’re meant to believe.

I couldn’t trust what you believed in,

Though watching you awakened old beliefs.


Believe in who you are to build your person.

Learn from those who believe in you,

Make your dream based on your beliefs.

When it’s turbulent, return to why you believed.


Your inner belief is an ally to keep you believing,

Without your belief, no other can offer their belief.

Believing is the first step to achieving;

Success starts and ends with your belief.


At dVerse, Frank challenged us to use a polyptoton, a rhetorical device where a base word is repeated, in our poem. This was perfect for me to reflect on the struggles with belief.