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Problems are the gremlins that haunt

I change direction each time they appear

And they’re still there, ready to taunt

My gremlins consume me in fear

From them, I cannot find a place to hide

They speak in words that makes my life crippling

No one can see them, for they live inside

Problems are the gremlins


I can face them by being brave and strong

They only want to grow big fears in me

Letting them devour me won’t be wrong

For I will grow facing reality

It’s up to me to solve the mystery

To accept all pieces as my fill-ins

Once devoured, it becomes history

Problems are the gremlins


Everyone has a reoccurring problem based on fears that haunt them. We try to change directions and it reappears, letting us know we haven’t dealt with it. We call these doubts our gremlins, no one can see or hear them because they’re inside our minds. By being brave and strong, we face them head on so they can no longer grow the fears. Being devoured by fears isn’t wrong, it’s a step to facing reality. Once the mystery is solved, the problems become a part of our history, past problems we resolved.