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Home is where the heart is

Where a spirit feels whole

When one feels love for their person

And is united with their soul


Home is where love grows freely

Where one can explore with innovation

When one is accepting with respect

And feels safe with spiritual communication


Home is where one can always return

Where one is secure to realign

When one is charged to do hard work

And doesn’t feel threatened to resign


Home is where you can be you

Where you can be as you should

When you are striving for your dream

And free to do what you could


When asked, “What is home?”, the first image that pops in my mind is my childhood home, but what does home truly mean to me? The feelings I associate with childhood is safety, love and freedom. If home were not a structure to live in, I feel at home when I’m united with my spirit. When I’m free to explore, search for growth and roam the world without worry of possession or image.

At times when I stray from my personal connection, I know I can return to myself and find courage to continue my endeavors. Home is where I am me without strain on my abilities, without stress of conformation and the freedom to discover more of who I am.