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Forget counting money in the now

Concentrate on life as a whole

Don’t seclude yourself from all others

Include yourself to form unity

There’s interdependence in nature


Many are starting to question how

Concerns about economic tolls

Don’t turn away to avoid bothers

Let’s work hard to combine communities

And rise towards a peaceful stature


This is reality in the now

Proof lies beyond political polls

We must care for Earth, our dear Mother

To hardship, there’s no immunity

Work together with all Life’s creatures


In life, drop the distinction of other

Concentrate with love and unity

Together, we’re all a part of nature


The changes required to save our planet appear financially condemning and we must concentrate on life as a whole. We can’t seclude ourselves to save money because we must work in unity and nature’s success is interdependent.

We’re all asking how and can’t avoid the issue; all communities must come together to make peace with Earth. Proof is in front of us, regardless of what political leaders say. We must care for Mother Earth and expect hardships along the way. Humans aren’t separate from the rest of nature and we must concentrate with love and unity to claim our role in Nature.