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Travis loves to play card games with friends. He didn’t exhibit a competitive spirit and wasn’t known for being “the best”, but he had a different desire in mind. Travis enjoyed strategizing and putting his skills to the test. He purposely played different opponents to make his experience more diverse and enjoyed dealing with the reactions.

One day, Travis played against Matthew, a highly competitive player always wanting to be number one. Travis calmly played, appreciating the competition and knowing he was fine as is. Matthew was certain that Travis’ quiet demeanor would guarantee a win and, when Travis won the match, Matthew couldn’t contain his shock. “No way! That’s impossible! How could you have possibly won that!”

Travis held back quietly as Matthew ranted, then said, “I know, that was amazing. Thanks for the match, Matthew. That was a great game, you were quite a challenge.”

Travis quietly left the table to find a new opponent and enjoy more games and people. The art of losing isn’t hard to master, especially when your primary aim is to enjoy yourself. What better way to value yourself than to test and share yourself with others while appreciating the gifts they offer?