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Penny the pony loved to create tales,

She loved it when girls styled her mane of hair.

-When a single braid became a dual-

Sometimes, they even braided her long tail.

Penny’s best friend was a young, furry hare,

Who, with her, loved to be in racing duels.


Penny is friendly, never in mad duels,

Always the storyteller with wild tales.

Followed around by her best friend the hare,

Who loved to hold onto her braided hair.

And swing side to side off of Penny’s long tail.

This hare and Penny always a dual.


Together, they’re without residuals

Never pending upon crazy duels

As a chase was formed for Penny’s long tail

The hare listened to Penny tell her tales

They both loved Penny’s curtain of hair

Sometimes, a blanket for Penny’s hare


Penny loved long days with her friend the hare

They were always a bright, loving dual

They wanted to play with other girls’ hair,

Though not to offend or start the duels.

Others added to Penny’s fun tales;

Giving her the treat of a braided tail.


Penny loved seeing girls with ponytails,

They loved playing with Penny and her hare.

They often came with fun, creative tales.

The group of them often broke into duals

They enjoyed starting hairstyling duels

Taking turns to play with each other’s hair


Only the hare didn’t have braided hair,

Though she enjoyed complimenting all tails.

They made braid ends as weapons for duels

For referee, they selected the hare.

A mass group of girls and friendly duals,

They were never without laughter and tales.


Penny’s friend hare loved to sleep under hair

She loved long tails and was Penny’s dual.

She never dueled in telling the tales.