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Tamara is a mother dedicated to standing by her daughter Isabel’s side. Isabel married and invited her mother to live with them, grateful for guidance when her son, Billy, arrived. Tamara became a part of everything Isabel did.

Despite her appreciation, Isabel noticed Tamara doing everything for her and refusing her role as grandmother. Isabel didn’t want misunderstandings between them, so she was open. “Mom, I appreciate that you’re always with me and I’d love to see you in the role as grandmother to Billy. I believe it’s time for you to believe in the mother in me.”

Tamara panicked, ” I’m your mother, Isabel! I must be by your side!”

Isabel smiled gently, ” Mom, you will always be by my side. You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. You are grandmother now and I am a mother. We must accept our new roles, knowing that we’re forever mother and daughter.”