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What’s in a fight beyond violent hate?

There’s intention in its necessity,

Disruption isn’t fully negative.

Rocking the comfort isn’t traumatic,

It’s turning pages to discover more.


In mistakes and mishaps, we can relate,

Work together to meet our entities.

All experiences are relative,

Listen to all sides to be less chaotic.

Let’s adventure through uncertainty’s door!


Which rowdy emotions to first sedate?

Let’s stand strong and stick to integrity.

All opinions are imperative,

Not all solutions are diplomatic;

It’s the step to discover what’s in store.


Remember, life gifts are correlative;

Explore freely, don’t remain dogmatic.

Fight without violent hate to grow more.


I believe there’s more to a fight than the violent hate that it possibly strays to. Rifts in relationships are necessary for all parties to be aware of changes and find ways to grow together. When comfort is rocked, it’s time to relate and search for common ground. All opinions are important and relative when experiencing uncertainty. Fight for peace without use of violent hate and grow together to become more!

Submitted to dVerse for Open Link Night #252