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Confidence tends to invoke hidden fears

Resistance seeps through the external pores

Sounding helpless as they wash out in tears

Who can guess what another has in store?

For only you can see into your core

It isn’t about what the others say

Whatever you believe will be your way

You can believe or deny, it’s your choice

You will navigate it every day

Believe you’re enough and you will rejoice


Many times, I’ve had fears invoked when others were confident in me. I searched for ways to resist and broke down in tears when realization awoke. Nobody knows what to do with resistance, there’s only one person who can find the answers. It’s never about what others think or say, it’s knowing my belief is going to be my way and the responsibility of that choice is on me.

A person goes through these battles every day and it’s the conclusion that I’m enough as is that helps me to rejoice, be confident in fears and make my way as I am.