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Crystal always expects to learn lessons,

Sometimes, anticipating the high praise.

Her animal senses are often whirled,

Failure makes her motivation lessen.

She wasn’t good at sneaking up on preys,

Though she has to learn to survive her world.


Crystal longed to explore her diverse world

Always searching for her needed lessons

She practiced at hunting and catching preys

Though not always getting her pride’s praise

Her efforts, she never wanted to lessen

Even if she felt challenged and quite whirled


Crystal loved knowing what to do when whirled

She thought it was practice knowing her world

Some days she felt her pressures were lessened

In her calm, she would search for more lessons

Without others, she took time to give praise

After times she had success with preys


She had her own method to capture preys

She made them know they were captured and whirled

After each hunt, Crystal gave thanks and praise

Grateful for the resources in her world

She knew it was an important lesson

And she felt her joy would never lessen


Crystal’s drive wasn’t easy to lessen

She shared it with her pride as they caught preys

She was eager to give young cubs


Though they were slow and often appeared whirled

Crystal loved sharing to help build their world

For all their efforts, she gave them much praise


As their leader, the cubs gave Crystal praise

With Crystal, their skills would never lessen

She had all the answers for their new world

Soon they’d be independent to catch preys

Their pride’s joy and love happily got whirled

They were strong with their survival lessons


Learning to catch preys made all deserve praise

No joy would lessen when their lives were whirled

They were in this world, ready for lessons