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Simon was a loner, often considered the ‘nerd’ of his class. Though he longed to be accepted, he followed his heart and stayed true to his desire for knowledge.

In his adolescence, he was always found by himself on the schoolyard, reading a book, though, sometimes, his attention would stray to stare at Vanessa, who was a quiet girl who also seemed to enjoy reading.

One day, his classmate Gary asked him, “Simon, how are you ever to be worthy of dating if you’ve always got your nose stuck in a book?”

Before Simon could respond, a female voice answered with passion, “Humanity’s deepest desire for knowledge is justification enough for our continuing quest. Why wouldn’t Simon or I be worthy of dating due to our love for reading? We are very worthy for being who we want to be!” Gary and Simon turned around in surprise to see Vanessa standing proudly holding her book and passing Simon a tentative smile.

Simon turned to Gary, “I completely agree with Vanessa! Now, if you’ll excuse us, I believe we deserve to be together!” Simon walked past Gary, took hold of Vanessa’s arm and led her away, leaving Gary to stare after them in bewilderment.