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If success is a structure that you build,

What would be your required foundation?

Are you expecting challenge and hard work?

Set boundaries with determination

Don’t buy into what offers luxury

You will grow strong through much persistence


Don’t shy from tasks demanding persistence

They offer the tools required to build

Success isn’t a path of luxury

Diligent efforts build the foundation

Proceed with unique determination

Be fulfilled with each mountain of hard work


No immediacy comes with hard work

Continue on with your set persistence

Demonstration of determination

Solidify the base of what you build

Conquer heights with a steady foundation

Accomplishment, a wanted luxury


Success, not a guaranteed luxury

Begin with promise to put in hard work

Chosen work ethics, your set foundation

Maintain it with effort and persistence

Remain focused on what you aim to build

You will be strong with determination


Have faith in your set determination

Think of results as your earned luxury

Only you will prevent what you can build

For it is your choice to resign or work

What you have is enough with persistence

Spirit and effort are your foundation


Start at the bottom, willing foundation

Climb to the top with determination

Exceed limits with much persistence

The journey is filled with no luxuries

Show your worth through commitment and hard work

Remember yourself as you aim to build


Think of foundation before luxury

Summon determination for your work

With persistence, success is what you build


Having viewed many ads on how to be successful in an instant and possibly without hard work, I couldn’t help but have questions I needed to answer. I don’t believe success comes with a nonchalant attitude or expectation of luxury. Success is gratification for the proof of our abilities.