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The truth stings sharply as it lands,

Like an arrow piercing the heart.

Waiting for pending punishment,

At a loss, not knowing where to start.


Waiting for the next shoe to drop,

A ton of weight before it falls.

The truth awakens awareness,

Striking through armor as it appalls.


Beyond the sting, an open door,

To enter with new thought and care.

To light it leads, away from dark;

Not for hiding, be open and share


Have you ever hidden the truth to keep the peace? Did you ever believe avoiding it would be easier? When the truth is heard, it stings and people await pending punishment, placing confusion upon them.

Fearing it, the truth feels heavy and awakens awareness despite the armor worn for protection. Once accepted, it drifts lightly to open a door, one to enter with new thought and care. It’s the passage to light, the whole reason why it’s worth sharing openly. 

At dVerse, Sarah prompted us to write about anticipation. Truth always made me wait to hear more, offering light when realization settles.