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Without a person to ignite the worst

One wouldn’t learn what it’s like to burst

The moment will feel cursed

Without them, you’d always come first


Emotions will come to boil and erupt

Your sense of self is bound to disrupt

Don’t think that they’re corrupt

It makes sense without the abrupt


Accept their role that’s meant to educate

They’re just trying their best to relate

There’s no reason to hate

Don’t let your mind exaggerate


Search for good that serves what’s meant to happen

Think of the whole to remain open

You know that this is when

Life is offering you a Zen


There are times when an issue hasn’t been dealt with and it reappears to play with our limits. Without its insistence, we’d never learn how to cope. It isn’t dealt with until we accept the truth of the whole picture.

Emotions are immediate reactions and there’s no sense in judgment when it isn’t calm. Accept what is as a lesson and remain open to what’s offered. Without believing the worst, we’ll come to understand our life. There’s purpose in every disruption; be open to accept its truth.