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Edward strived to be there for his family, scared if his children were not disciplined, he’d be considered a failure. Trying his best, he followed ways he was accustomed to as a child and pointedly pounced on all flaws.

When his son left the dinner table without putting dishes away, Edward would yell, “Jeffrey! Remember to place your dishes in the sink! Be a good boy, please!”

When his daughter took off her coat and left it on the couch, Edward would yell, “Jessica! Put your coat away! Don’t be lazy!”

Sarah, Edward’s wife, understood that Edward was trying hard, but she couldn’t stand watching the scolding dampen her children. One day, Sarah shared with Edward, “Eddy, I know you want to have disciplined children, but it hurts me to see how yelling at them makes them fearful. Will you alter your ways? Please remember to raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”

Edward looked at Sarah sheepishly and asked, “Have I been hurting the kids with my ways?”

“Your intentions are great, but they desire more of your love than anger. I believe it would help us all.”