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We feel others poke with a thorn,

When they’re a rose trying to bloom.

Understanding isn’t always clear,

Don’t judge or rush to assume


Their path has a curved direction

-They hike with effort to complete-

Agreement isn’t always ready,

Their efforts aren’t obsolete.


Many colours on the canvas,

They try to paint creatively.

Clarity, in you, not quick to dawn;

Treat it all respectively.


There are people who are thorns in our days, sparking bad thoughts, even as they try to share. Understanding them isn’t easy and it isn’t right to judge or assume the worst. The thoughts that spark aren’t related to what they do and aren’t their creation, they’re yours due to the path you’re on. Agreement isn’t always ready and all efforts matter.

People add colour to Life’s canvas, each with a role painted creatively. Clarity of the picture comes with patient observation, treat it all respectively.