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Scouting the schoolyard, I watch all the males

Playing sports and trying not to get beat.

Rolling and tumbling, getting dirt on clothes,

I wonder if Moms have more in the mail.

They scrape their knees, making them red as beet,

Eventually, their games come to close.


There’s one cute boy whom I’d love to come close,

I keep thinking he’s the best matching male.

Would he like me if I blushed like a beet?

Many girls like him, I’m sure to be beat.

I wonder if I can write him email,

Would he look at me if I had pink clothes?


I can’t imagine him wanting my clothes,

I wouldn’t give it, even if he’s close.

I want to share lots with him through email,

I wonder if I’m his type of female.

If we were to race, I’m sure I’d be beat,

He’d laugh so hard and turn into a beet.


I wonder if he’s had a dinner with beet,

I hope he didn’t drop any on clothes.

One day, we’ll dance to a musical beat,

Maybe near the time when school comes to close.

I would go to Prom with the cutest male,

Would he receive a corsage through the mail?


I’d love to receive flowers through the mail,

Imagine them being the color of beet.

I’d wish them to be from this chosen male,

Maybe he’d deliver in dress up clothes.

In a hug, I’d like to have him enclosed,

He always makes my heart skip in beats.


Ah, to feel love drum it’s long, steady beat

Is a gift that can’t be purchased through mail.

I’d love to be open, no doors kept closed,

Maybe over a homemade meal of beets.

Together, we’d joke and laugh with stained clothes,

For he’d be my man and I, his female


My heart beats as I blush red as a beet,

I have ordered fancy clothes through the mail.

I dream to be close to the cutest male.

A Sestina with homonyms submitted to dVerse