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“It’s up to the school to teach the young mind,

It’s in the system to make them succeed.”

A parent’s role often needs to take lead,

They’re also great teachers, loving and kind.


Children aren’t meant for others to nourish,

They need love and compassion all day long.

They slowly strive to become whole and strong,

All support will assist them to flourish.


Don’t depend on a system for your kids,

Life will present situations to learn.

As parents, be a student alongside,

Follow the curving trails as your lives bid.

Remain together to gather and earn,

Each school year is a roller coaster ride.


Dependence on systems is something I can’t abide. As a parent, I won’t depend on schools to make my child a success. My child is my responsibility, I’m required to take the reign and assist along. Being a teacher isn’t only a profession, it’s a role to accept. Children aren’t intended for others to care for, constant love makes them strong for life. The process requires much patience, but their potential flourishes with support.

Don’t depend on a system to raise your child, life presents all situations for everyone to learn. Be a student of life alongside your child and follow all paths you’re presented. Stick together to remain growing. Every new development is a roller coaster ride. Enjoy it!