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Preparing a meal of BBQ steaks,

Before I set my heart’s boat on a sail.

I made room for a young maid,

Who’s heart I intend to stake.

I bought vegetables on sale,

To compliment this meal homemade.


I remember the many meals she’s made,

My specialty has been the BBQ steaks.

I found her chocolates at the sale,

I hope she enjoys them when we set sail.

A proposal is my intended stake,

I want her as wife, no longer a maid.


I met her as a beautiful, young maid;

Flutters of love in my heart, she made.

Without her, my heart would burn at the stake,

Upon a fire like the BBQ steaks.

With her, I’m always ready to set sail,

Keeping an eye out for gifts at every sale.


She’s worth more than anything at a sale,

I’ll never treat her as a serving maid.

We’ll both be free to adventure and sail,

Happy to come back to the home we’ve made.

I’ll be ready to grill BBQ steaks,

Our devotion and love have been staked.


She doesn’t know what I intend to stake,

I found no matching beauty at the sales.

She thinks it’s another dinner of steaks,

Not knowing I intend to claim my maid.

I hope she enjoys everything I’ve made

And is ready, with me, to go sail


The many adventures we’ll find sailing,

Always grounded with our love as a stake.

We will have memories, old and new, made

There’ll be no matches found at all the sales.

I hope she enjoys the BBQ steaks,

Last meal before she’s no longer a maid.


After we sail, I’ll have no need for sales,

My love is staked in this beautiful maid.

She’ll say yes after eating steaks I’ve made!


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