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Bart is a young man who strived to find himself and was caught in the web of expectations. Many believed he was an inspiration, but he didn’t recognize himself and couldn’t tell his story. Every time Bart told his story, he got caught in false revisions and it wasn’t from his heart.

For many years, Bart was a strong persona he thought was expected. Comforted at times but felt false and started to turn away from the stranger within him.

When Bart turned away, he was drawn back to the false persona he created. At last, Bart decided enough was enough and dropped the persona. It was time to examine who he was and what he wanted.

As awareness set in, Bart became more confident. In the mirror, he recognized and loved himself, then whispered, “You will love again the stranger who was your self.”

Submitted to dVerse for Prosery#3 using the line “You will love again the stranger who was your self.” from Derek Walcott’s poem Love After Love.