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Excitement pops in with exclamation,

Without set order or destination.

Sometimes requiring concentration,

Will it complete with approximation?

Be adventurous with exultation,

Prepare yourself for the alterations!


For each time life gives an alteration,

Reconsider the mad exclamations.

Find purpose for happy exultation,

Refocus desired destination.

Don’t depend on an approximation,

Make powerful use of concentration.


Your desires will form concentration,

Survive the process of alteration.

Patience will help relieve approximation,

Produce the warm, happy exclamations.

Continue to believe in your destination,

Obtain it to express exultation.


From within, you can find exultation,

Though it may require concentration.

Peace is a promising destination,

You will arrive after alterations.

Please look forward to Life’s exclamation,

Be relieved of some approximation.


Be faithful, live without approximation.

Without setbacks, feel the exultation.

Make room for the happy exclamations,

Remain in touch with your concentration.

You’ll conquer all given alterations,

And you’ll arrive at your destination.


Always keep sight on a destination,

Move forward without set approximation.

Think of the gifts in each alteration,

Let your spirit fly with exultation.

Rewards are worth all your concentration,

There’s always room for Life’s exclamations.


View destinations with exultation,

Concentration with approximation

Will bring alterations’ exclamation!


A Sestina poem submitted to dVerse