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Wanting to become, she studied all books

Hoping intelligence would help her earn.

Her thoughts were wild, and she loved to create,

Afraid of heat, she never dared to cook.

Often remembering the times she was burned,

Her scars memories to which she’d relate.


She knew few others to whom she’d relate,

Finding it easier to dive in books.

Her reality made her feel quite burned,

Though she hoped she had good prizes to earn.

She mixed and stirred words on a page to cook,

Content with the food for thought she could create.


Life was filled with art that she could create,

Out in nature she could always relate.

Abundant ideas ready to cook

In hope, one day she’d author her own book.

She dreamed of how she might possibly earn,

But feared the hard work she thought was a burn.


Fears take heat and eventually burns,

Dampening inspiration to create.

Without courage, she wouldn’t be able to earn

And only to failure she would relate.

She wrote each day to keep filling her book,

Thinking that one day she might try to cook.


Facing the heat, she bravely tried to cook,

While ignoring the memories of burns.

A note of success to add to her book,

In honor of desires to create.

There would be more things for her to relate

And happy memories for her to earn.


Life is a mystery with much to earn,

Many different ways for one to cook.

Look all around to happily relate,

Not every fire is there to cause burns.

All is well in each moment she creates,

Great additions to her life storybook.


She could always earn without fearing burns,

And created her own method to cook.

She related to all for her life’s book.


A Sestina poem submitted to dVerse.