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At dVerse, we were encouraged to write about movement among the population and ourselves.


When social trends become the everyday,

Embellished by media as the ‘thing’.

There’s challenge to move forth in our own ways,

Choice to be different always leaves a sting.

Doubts and fears erupt on what it shall bring

What if it’s not in us to simply remain?

Is it worth risking the looks of disdain?

Wouldn’t reach completeness following trends

Prefer the unique, considered as plain,

Not conforming to later make amends.


In today’s world, movement is perceived as an act that gains support if everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Society seems to believe that if we’re louder with more mass, the more correct we will appear. Jumping the wagon without considering individual needs and all perspectives is agreeing half-heartedly and conforming to make amends later. Even if we win now, will we be happy or at peace?