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No longer hopeful for light, Nadia searches for an external symbol of light. What can she trust this responsibility to when the world is shadowed by hate, war and competition? How can anyone’s light shine amidst the darkness?

Having nothing but the clothes on her body, she takes the white shawl off her shoulders and wraps it over her head. Wearing a veil of white in the dark is the only way to conceal the darkness that manifests within and prevents them from escaping. How can she make this shawl into her light?

Day after day, Nadia pulls the shawl tightly around her head, believing in its light, and ending each day with a mat of wet hair upon her head. As much as she’s placed her trust in the shawl, it has only been an illusion of light. Nadia realizes that the shawl can’t provide light. She must look within and discard materials that tantalize her trust.

Nadia slowly stands up tall, peels the shawl off her head and drops it to the ground. She shakes her head to let her hair dance freely and indulges in a sense of freedom. There is no item to which Nadia can trust to provide light, there’s only her will to believe and strive for her light that will relieve her of darkness.