At times when life is quickly passing by

And settling into routine

The adventurer feels lost and far from home

Yet, trudges on searching.


Hope and motivation, slowly draining into non-existence

Though existing as spirit

When far away an interrupted cry calls out

Offering adventure once more.


To where does this cry call out from?

Only known when heard.

For what reason to follow the small cry

But to find answers?


Following out into the dark, uncertain life trails.

Trusting in adventure found.

Holding on to old motivation and hope within

Sensing opportunity for renewal.


Lost in darkness to find a new light

Walking old and new.

Meeting what’s old to recognize learning what’s new.

To continue adventuring on.


When the answer is found and recognized fully

Inspiration and spirit ignite.

Looking around the new terrain, it feels similar.

Adventurous home once more.