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The children strived to make themselves better, for they were taught to aim higher, but never to recognize the gifts of their achievements. They never felt they could obtain the perfection promised, no matter how hard they tried because after each accomplishment, they routinely searched for flaws to improve.

Time wore on and the strength of their flaws grew with each accomplishment. So, on the day of graduation, they marched in to receive their diplomas, bewildered by the attention they received. Why is everyone here to congratulate us? We’ve hardly succeeded, and we still have many flaws to perfect. How are we to even know that it can be done?

Floating amidst the dream of perfection, overlooking the gifts of reality, the students of life had yet to learn the art of respecting their achievements. The one gift that would provide them more growth and the peace of knowing that their efforts were perfections for the journey they were destined to lead.


Reflect on the experiences gathered and determine what they mean to you. They are all diligent strokes that add depth to the portrait of who you are.