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Growing old?

Or entering a new phase?

“It must be old age.”

Has become an abused phrase.


Feeling young

Filled with curiosity

Eager to learn more

Dropping animosities


Keep it alive

Don’t leave it all behind you

Summon youthful souls

Pay attention to what’s true


As one of the youngest in my family, or of a separate generation, and believer that we create our reality, I’m tired of hearing the blame on old age.

Old age isn’t a time to admit defeat or succumb to circumstances. It’s a new chapter of life. Change happens to challenge where we are and where we desire to be.

The drive to discover is within, even among the knowledge carried. It’s an individual responsibility to keep it alive, while accepting new developments. It isn’t only old age; it’s a new chapter to keep the spirit alive and discovering.


A Quatrain submitted to dVerse.