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The song “Try Everything” touched my heart in many ways because it describes life as I knew it and gave me hope to succeed with what was ahead of me. It keeps me on track with my goal to enjoy a full life of diverse experiences.

Even four years after my stroke, it reviews my past and present, letting me know that I’m fine as I am and igniting my will to keep living as long as I try my best. This song is filled with encouragement and its video brings me many happy tears.

A song reminding me of previous hardship,

Of perseverance and determination.

Times repeated with seizures that made me fall down constantly.


Heard when my life became a stroke recovery,

The words revitalized me to get back up.

If I could survive hardships then, I could survive it today.


Reminder that I was and am one for trying,

Words and rhythm motivated my spirit.

Slow and steady, I could go, as long as I keep on trying.


Submitted to dVerse on the prompt to share a song that has brought me tears