For every injury, something new awakens

-Nourishment for my growth-

In ways not understood,

Though new lights for my path.

How would I gain without pain?


Always different from the norm

-Practice of difference-

When the dust is all calm,

I find my gift from life.

How would I gain without pain?


Life’s energy brings miracles

-Testing my will and faith-

It will settle into joy,

Giving back with great strength

How would I gain without pain?


Thank you to Life’s care for me

-I could not ask for more-

I’m forever grateful,

Determined to give back.

How would I gain without pain?


My life has always been filled with episodes of physical injuries that offer me spiritual awakenings. Despite it preventing my planned out visions, it always leads me to a different adventure. Every occurrence made me feel like an imperfect thorn, yet it was practice in my unique skin. Everytime the situation calmed, I found new gifts meant just for me. Life brings me miracles in forms of disaster to test my will and faith and when I recognize the gift, I’m enlightened with new strength.

I’m amazed and grateful for Life’s care and I will always be determined to give back. Looking back on it all, I think to myself, How would I gain without pain?