Billy never liked playing against Ben

He always thought he would lose the game

Playing against Ben were always when

They’d play, fight then be sent to the den

Thoughts of loss made Billy feel like a shame

Yet, he couldn’t imagine time without Ben


Billy and Ben were friends since they were ten

Always together and trying new games

Billy always received help from Ben

And knew they’d be friends when they became men

Billy learned with Ben in every game

And they could only remember being ten


Though Billy could pick a fight with Ben

They always made it into a really fun game

It didn’t matter if Billy won or lost against Ben

For they were humble and would soon be men

Around Ben, Billy found he was tame

For Ben always helped him find his zen


Forever friends were Billy and Ben

Even if they both lost in a game

Best friends from the age of ten

And into adulthood becoming men

Around each other, they’d never be a shame

For they were best friends from way back when