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Don’t be imprisoned by your doubts and fears

Don’t permit them to be your distractions

Some haunting thoughts are derived from your past

Respect it as such, a motivation

Only you can prevent those barriers

You have the will and determination


The power of your determination

Exceeds the function of any set fears

Openly embrace foreseen barriers

And they will no longer be distractions

Welcome challenges as motivation

And you will jump the hurdle of your past


Look at the present, leave behind the past

Only you can use determination

Look inside to find a motivation

And you will conquer your unwanted fears

Keep your focus, allow no distractions

And you’ll never run into barriers


Don’t be disheartened by your barriers

For they will soon be a part of your past

They were sights to see and not distractions

You will survive with your determination

Only you can resolve your inner fears

And find your ultimate motivation


Shine a bright light on your motivation

Your path won’t be darkened by barriers

Move away from the darkness of your fears

File them into the archive of your past

Explore freely with determination

Tread into new, positive distractions


Only you can create your distractions

And recognize your own motivation

Gather your goals with determination

Don’t be constrained by any barriers

You are no longer living in the past

You don’t have to be weighed down by your fears


Ignore distractions, make no barriers

New motivation to forget the past

Conquer your fears with determination