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Stop making me feel small,

You can’t do it all.

Be real.

It isn’t your call,

Even if I fall,

I’ll heal.

Life turns like a ball,

I won’t remain small.


Leave me on my own.

I have surely grown,

I’ll learn.

Many times, I’ve shown

I’m fine on my own.

Don’t yearn.

I’ve often been thrown,

Without breaking bones.


I will find my call,

Make it through it all,


It’s a game of ball.

Maybe I’ll appall,


You can’t do it all,

Stop making me feel small.


As parents, there are times when we care and want to give the best to our children but don’t realize how that could make them feel. They need guidance, but we can’t prevent their hardships because they are where they are to learn and grow.  They desire freedom to discover their strengths and develop independence.

This is my first attempt at a Lai Nouveau poem inspired by dVerse for this month’s poetry forms challenge.