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There are days when darkness brings storms

And hope anticipates rainbows.

The feeling brings a sense of disorder,

Commencing the search for peace.

What was is slowly withering

Making way for what needs to be blooming.


Seeds were planted and are slowly blooming

Fed abundantly by the rain storms

The past season is withering

Awakening new life with hopeful rainbows

Life transforms with a new sense of peace

Ending the fears of disorder


Amidst a beginning, comes disorder

As life continues blooming.

In another realm is the wanted peace

That’s found after the darkest storm.

Under new light and rainbows,

The faith is no longer withering.


As a season is withering,

Routine changes, bringing disorder.

Determined to find new rainbows,

Tend to new life until it’s blooming.

Welcome nourishment from the storm,

Believe that life will bring peace.


Allow challenge to disrupt the peace,

It isn’t reason for spirit to be withering.

There’s a purpose in every storm,

Awareness grows with every disorder.

The beauty of life is always blooming

And shining with the rainbows.


Smile down on chaos like rainbows,

Decipher life gifts to feel at peace.

Believe in the new life blooming,

Continue on without withering.

Don’t give in to sadness or disorder

And shine like a star through every storm.


Chase rainbows to prevent withering.

Search within disorder to find peace,

Continue blooming and be nourished by storms.