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I’ve been noticing a lot of videos entitled, People are Going to Use You, and though the general message is good for a person to consider who they are, the line “people are going to use you” is very negative. Living isn’t about being cautious if we’re being used, it’s about enjoying what is and letting life happen.

A content life isn’t disrupted when being used or encountering a negative situation because  life isn’t going to go as smoothly as you planned. It isn’t about going out there without trust or with expectation of being used, it’s about going out there and trusting it’ll lead you to your lessons. Yes, experiences will shock or feel hard, but it isn’t about the course of action others take, it’s about how you choose to perceive it. Yes, today, my daughter used me to get something for herself. I can choose to be disappointed with her or I can be happy it helped her and trust it will lead her to where she needs to be. It’s up to me how I wish to perceive it.

There are times when we trust others, hoping they realize our intentions, then life changes and the original intention is no longer relevant. That doesn’t mean we were used or that the effort was worthless, it means we tried when we could and life happened, so it’s time to change.

Perspective changes constantly. What was right yesterday could be incorrect today. What was needed then is no longer relevant today. Everyone changes at their own pace and we can expect to collide with others once in a while, but it’s not about being used or how to deal with being used. It’s about experiencing life and trusting that it’s flow is carrying us to our next stage of growth.

Go out and share yourself because you want to enjoy being you. It matters not how others will perceive it and if it was used, have faith that life is using it to help everyone. Life happens and you can be content knowing you were a part of it, even if it turned out differently.