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Gwen was looking for a friend to play

Betty, her friend, appeared occupied

Gwen wondered what she should say

“Betty, my friend, would you like to play?”

“Gwen! Not now! You interrupted my game! I could have died!”


Gwen walked away, feeling sad and lonely

And Betty watched her, wondering how come.

Betty realized what happened and thought if only

She hadn’t intended to act so poorly

If she didn’t put her game first, it wouldn’t have been what she’d done


Betty put her game away and went after her friend

“Gwen, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you so.

Please forgive me, I promise to be a good friend.”

Gwen smiled and Betty knew they would mend.

“Thank you, Betty, I could never think of you as a foe.”


Betty learned that friends should always come first

Nothing is as cheerful as love and contentment

Games wouldn’t quench her love thirst

And not having friends would cause her to burst

Friendship awakens much merriment


Submitted to Open Link Night #239 at dVerse