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The energy of life hums all around,

Offering adverse perspectives.

In moments, whether turbulent or sound,

It offers creative directives.


When times are low and darkness is bound,

The compass searches for objective.

When light dawns and promises a rebound,

Writing is a calming elective.


Through rhymes and meter, a melodic sound

Encouraging focus to be selective.

Against woes, always a supportive mound

In every situation, equally respective.


Gina at dVerse encouraged us to write about our poetic hum, the inspiration that hovers round and gets us to listen while we work and live. My poetic hum is derived from life. The adverse experiences offer many perspectives, is easily relatable and takes focus off hardship. When life feels dark and low, the hum calms me into positivity. Concentration on rhyme and meter redirects my focus, helping me to forget the woes. In all situations, the hum offers me to look at the big picture and be grateful for what is. To dive into my writing is to dive into understanding life. When life occurs, creativity hums in appreciation and it’s time to share.