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Many choices you can choose from to start

Though uncertain which choice will bring finish

They say that there will always be more light

Though hard to believe when all appears dark

No wallowing when your spirit soars high

Feeling energized when dipping down low


When losing grip and falling to new lows

It represents time to find a new start

Determine new dreams and set them up high

It won’t be enjoyed until you finish

Prepare to enter a journey that’s dark

For you are striving to find your own light


Continue looking up into the light

Ignore all thoughts that makes your spirit low

Don’t concentrate to remain in the dark

Make a choice and commit, this is your start

Persevere the whole journey to finish

Believe that you’ll continue to soar high


Exceed your limits as you aim up high

Make your own pathway to share your bright light

Reflect upon it when you are finished

And you can archive thoughts of being low

New things will be ready for you to start

Don’t be intimidated by the dark


Embrace what is when it feels like it’s dark

It could eventually take you high

Wherever you’re taken will be a start

Perhaps practice for you to share your light

You will never remain feeling so low

For you’re a success when you reach finish


Never doubt ability to finish

For you have no room for thoughts that are dark

Your buoyant spirit avoids feeling low

You enjoy adventures that take you high

There’s nothing you’ll allow to douse your light

New mistakes are always reason to start


Always make new starts to exceed the low.

Leave the dark behind to capture your light

Foresee a finish you want and soar high


Thinking about the contrast that Life offers, I was inspired by the new starts that continually occur to help us grow.  I chose 3 sets of contrasting words for the end words in this sestina poem. We are always making new starts, dreaming about a desired finish, searching for light, letting go of the dark, aiming high and feeling the low. Whatever the journey, it’s filled with experience and we restart to continue growing.

Submitted to OpenLinkNight#238 at dVerse