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Many situations are misinterpreted after they occur, and doubtful thoughts transform good intentions into misconceptions. When a person is in the moment, they must deal with what they have however they can and there isn’t time to consider the best solution. When the moment is gone, the choice is reflected upon and there’s time to question what happened, but if you didn’t act quickly then, what would’ve happened? You don’t know.

There’s no sense in doubting instincts in the moment because it communicates what needs to be done and how. Spectators can tell you how it’s supposed to be, but who are they to know when they weren’t you in that exact moment? Yes, they would’ve been different because they are a different person and no, their way may not be for you because you are not them.

When the moment arrives, and you’re urged to quickly decide, you choose what you must with intention to survive. Who knows what you’d decide two days later because your perspective could be completely different in the future. You are who you are in the now and there’s no way of foreseeing who you are in the future. You’ll know when the time arrives.

Be who you must be in the now. Trust in who you are and be guided by your instincts with intention to be true. Be relentless if you must and never regret your need to survive. If you were wrong, you will learn and if you were correct, you will also learn. No matter how you view it later, you were who you had to be in the moment and you are alive and learning. Be grateful for who you are.