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Anger surged through me

As I feel him casting controls that restrain

How could he be my reality?

How can he deny me my need to be free?

What he’s done makes my love complain!


“Your existence is my sanity.”

He confesses without disdain

” I love you so dearly,

I can’t imagine surviving without you daily.”

Suddenly, my anger is calm and in restrain


A new understanding is born of our relativity

There’s solid reason behind why he restrains

“There’s no reason to fear letting me fly freely.

My heart remains here, and I always return to thee.”

I say to meet him halfway without reason to abstain


“Togetherness and understanding are our entity

There will never be reason to complain

Just share your fears more openly

So, we can unite our reality

With love, together we shall always remain.”


Relationships often stumble on misunderstandings derived from a lack of open communication. Everyone holds fears they don’t wish to share, but that’s the key to understanding. Others can’t know the thoughts without us sharing and they’ll draw their own conclusions from what they know.

Submitted to dVerse for the Blame and Forgiveness Prompt